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The moisturizing sources: Focus on dehydrated skin

Water is an indispensible source of life for the cells and for the well-being of the skin. A good moisture balence ensures a healthy complexion.

The comfort sources: Focus on dry skin

Under-nourished skin appears dull, lacks radiance and can feel "tight" or uncomfortable. It is imperative to restore the skin's "intercellular bonds" and to nrich them with nourishing elements to regain comfort, suppleness and radience.

The firming sources: Focus on wrinkle-prone skin

Performance youth

Guinot uses 3 key ingredients to combat aging skin.

  1. Cellular Life Complex
    GUINOT was the first professional skincare laboratory to create produects that contain the cellular life complex. These active ingredients were developed in a hospital burns unit to help repair skin.
  2. Skin Matrix Complex
  3. ATP

Age Logic Cellulaire

Help reverse the cellular aging process.

  • Skin is firmer and yonger-looking.
  • Wrinkles are visibly smoothed

A first in professional skincare, the age Logic formula combines the cellular energy of ATP - the key molecule that stores and transports the most energy in the human body - and ACTINERGIN with essential cellular nutrients.

The youth sources: Focus on devitalized skin

Advances in cellular biology enable us to slow the effects of the aging process on the skin. Today, it is possible to restore the appearance of youngers skin with appropriate skin care products.

The purifying sources: Focus on oily skin

With progress that has been made in cosmetic science, shiny skin and dilated pores are a thing of the past. Specific skincare with a proven effectiveness and a high tolerance is able to make oily skin more beautiful day after day.

The southing sources: Focus on sensitive skin

This range contains forumlas that are specificaly created for skin that has lost its level of tolerance and also needs extra protection against enviromental aggressions. The soothing ingredients enable those with sensitive skin to regain comfort and an even complexion.

The well-being sources: Focus on irritated skin

For occasionally sensitive skin or skin that has extremely low tolerance, GUINOT, in association with dermatologists, has developed a high-tolerance range. Each skin care product has a desensitizing formula with protective functions designed to isolate reactive skin from harmful environmental aggressions.

The radience sources: Focus on tired/dull skin

All skin types at any age can succumb to fatigure and lose their radience. This range of products is designed to reveal a clear complexion and restore radiance.

The lightening sources: Focus on pigmentated skin and brown spots

With age and sun exposure, the skin tends to become sensitive and brown spots can appear. This range treats temporary and permanent pigmentation marks. The products are rich in Clariskin - unique to Guinot - and Vitamin C and have a visible lightening action on the skin, and hel diminish the appearance of brown spots.