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Body Treatments

Massage is designed to give you a feeling of well being and make you deeply relaxed. It can increase flexibility and relieves muscular tension.


Aromatherapy massage with essential oils can relieve a wide range of emotions such as anxiety, depression and grief; and physical ailments ranging from skin conditions, muscular aches and pains, stress and nervous conditions, to many common ailments. Many people find sleep patterns and energy levels improve, and experience a rise in confidence and self esteem. This treatment will leave you feeling calm, nurtured and revitalised.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: 30 minutes $67

Relieve muscular tension, aches and pains with essential oils combined with pressure point massage.

Full Body: 60 minutes $103

Body and Face: 90 minutes $140

Deluxe Aromatherapy: 120 minutes $195

Full consultation, aromatherapy massage, face and feet treatment. A feeling of well-being and serenity.

Swedish Massage

Therapeutic and relaxing, perfect for releasing body tension.

Swedish Body Massage: 60 minutes $86

Swedish Back Massage: 30 minutes $59

Pro-Active Body Treatment

Clarins Gold salon exclusive treatment. Fuel the body with a concentrate of pro formula plant extracts and aromatic oils to boost circulation and lymphatic flow, reduce fluid retention and enhance skin tone and elasticity.

Pro-Active Body Treatment: 60 minutes $150

Therapeutic & relaxing, perfect for releasing body muscle tension.


Reflexology: 60 minutes $88

Specific pressure point massage on feet to balance the energy flow of inner organs.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: 60 minutes $150

Consists of specific massage movements, each with a precise action; some tone, others combine water retention or enhance slimming benefits. Special treatment that helps remove toxins & relieves fluid retention and enables a feeling of dynamic well being.

Body therapy

Bust Lifting: 60 minutes $89

Revitalises and tones the elastic and connective support tissue around the breast area by giving a firming & lifting effect.

Refining and Tan: Full body $115

Removal of dead skin cells, followed by a tanning treatment.

Refining and Tan 1/2 Body $70

Spray-on Tan or Tan Application $60

Non UV-damaged quick-dry tan application.

Spray-on Tan 1/2 Body or Tan Application $41

Pro-Active body polish: 50 minutes $100

Top-to-toe exfoliation using an advanced body scrub enriched with fruit enzymes. Remove superfluous skin cells and impurities, resulting in super-soft skin.

Pro-Active Body Renewing: 90 minutes $198

Eliminates dry dead skin build up and smooths out rough areas, followed by a relaxing massage resulting in a silky smooth body.

Detoxifying Body Wrap: 105 minutes $250

With a triple effect, combining the stimulating actions of skin renewing scrub, the anti-water retention action of the Sunamask and the detoxifying effect of the clay, your silhouette is finer and you feel immediately lighter. For a silky, firmer and fitter body.